Outdare Branding

Outdare Branding

Hi there. Thanks for checking out my website, where I’m logging my
professional endeavors and share my view on the world of business.
I’m Marten, a driven marketing professional with over 10 years of
experience – mostly as an entrepreneur with a focus B2B and
complex products/organizations. During that time I’ve worked on
projects for Microsoft, Oracle, Arcadis, Experian and many
small/midsize companies. Right now I’m working as a freelance
consultant, with a preference for long term engagements.



  • Marketing strategy – Build your brand from the ground up
  • Lead Generation – Target and convert potential clients into quality leads
  • Campaign Management – The planning, execution, tracking, and analysis of your marketing initiative
  • Project Management – Managing Stakeholders, creatives and budget to get you the best result
  • Cross-departmental Communication – Streamlining the communication between your experts/consultants, sales department, marketing and management


  • A full view of your organizational marketing/sales funnel, and what areas should be prioritized (including areas/tools/strategies that your organization isn’t actively active in yet).
  • A marketing strategy plan that brings together your vision and priorities.
  • A content calendar that can be executed by your organization, or with the help of third party suppliers.
  • Managing/executing the content calendar, while staying aligned with company values, and the different stakeholder within the company.
  • Increasing your sales, by optimizing your marketing funnel and aligning it with your sales department.


My approach to marketing: To understand your product/service, your organizational workflow, your ambitions and your clients. By this method, I’m able to find the missing links that are holding the organization back and develop a marketing strategy that shows you what you should focus on.  

My goal: To develop the marketing strategy that fits your organization. Strengthening weak spots where you’re losing potential clients, finding blue oceans where your company can grow quickest, and ultimately help you stand out from the crowd. This can be in the top of the marketing funnel, finding the best way to introduce your company to potential customers, or lower where the focus is on building your brand or a relationship with the client.

To get you results: I create the story that fits your company. Finding the right hook, that will help people understand what you do, or why they should take time to find out more, in that small window that you have to make a good first impression.

To execute: I will help you find the right partners or subcontractors that are able to execute the plans, and I will help to manage the processes in an efficient and effective way.

Within a team: I’m a mentor over manager, helping people to grow in their role and in their private life. Experienced in working with smaller teams of marketers and specialists. Always striving for a ‘lead by example’ style. My motto in life is ‘always learning, always growing’.

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