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Outdare Branding


I love my work, and you’ll have a hard time trying to catch me doing something unprofessional. But outside of work, there’s also a different version of Marten. A guy that loves his books, a lot of science fiction and fantasy, loves to cook and doesn’t mind being the last one to leave the dancefloor. I also write a lot of fiction, but it’s rare that I finish a story (writing a 30-40 page short story is hard!).

Over the years I found that I’d rather take the initiative, and make sure to follow through on those “yeah we should…” sentences people are always saying. I founded my own dinner club, and an investment club, making sure those brilliant ideas when you’re out late with friends don’t go to waste. But most importantly, staying in touch with friends in a busy world that demands your attention for a thousand things at a time. 

Together with my family, I have a sailboat (see the picture) in Loosdrecht. I often go there to empty my head and come up with solutions to problems that I got stuck on. It’s always something I look forward to when work has been demanding or challenging that week.

Oh, and I have an insatiable curiosity; Wikipedia is definitely one of my favorite websites. If I walk through the city center you’ll see me reading the nameplates of companies on buildings, making notes for later to google it and find out who they are or what they do. Or walking into a (not so) public building to find someone to tell me more about its history or function. I find that you always get new inspiration in the most unexpected places.

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